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Food Brings Us Together

Established in Los Angeles in 2022

Love Keeps Us Connected

As we each weave the threads of a human life, our tapestries often reveal aspirations to solve problems, to achieve goals, to discover knowledge and to transform the idea that a self guides us through time. From the edge of the tapestry, Genius at the Table emerges as a sanctuary from the ceaseless chase of personal ambitions. Here, we gather not to conquer but to wander amidst the vast landscape of ideas, embracing novelty and the unexpected joys of learning.

Community and friendship have stood as timeless pillars of human existence, yet modernity often fails us in meeting these essential needs. Genius at the Table bridges the gaps between strangers through genuine, vulnerable conversations about pressing and relevant inquiries into the core of what human existence means.

Your possessions and achievements hold little weight within our realm. We strive to shed condescension and hierarchical structures, valuing instead the essence of your character and the depth of your opinions, shared in a spirit of mutual respect and civility. The tables we set welcome individuals from all walks of life, spanning ages, ethnicities, sexual and gender identities, political beliefs, and religious ideologies.

We invite you to momentarily set aside your fervent pursuits. Through curiosity, we nurture trust and camaraderie. Release your agendas, listen earnestly, and contribute your authentic thoughts and feelings. Whatever worldly desires you harbor, whether for romance, investment, employment, or recruitment, find solace in knowing that such pursuits lie outside our sanctum. They await your attention another day.

Our foundation rests on the art of inquiry. Civil discourse amid genuine differences breathes life into a thriving society. The resilience and peace of our communities hinge upon our ability to share meals and respectfully disagree, nurturing friendships across diverse perspectives. Our gatherings embrace robust opinions, held with a light touch, and our discourse is adorned with a tone of reverence.

Here, amidst shared meals, we break bread and barriers alike. Food and drink, timeless conduits of connection, swiftly transform strangers into friends. Our chefs, empowered with creative liberty, craft innovative seasonal menus that honor diverse culinary traditions. While we champion small, local, and organic producers, we also accommodate your dietary preferences with care.

Our ethos of hospitality transcends conventions. We do not conform to the norms of restaurants, hotels, cafes, or social clubs as commonly known. No waiters grace our space; instead, our hosts pour drinks, and we all chip in with serving and tidying up. In our gatherings, embrace the warmth and familiarity akin to being among family or close friends. Make yourself at home, for this table is yours as much as it is ours.


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