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Love keeps us connected.



Who's a genius?

Genius at the Table is a community that serves inclusivity.  We are guided by an insight about people: the wrong ones will drain you and the right ones will energize you, no matter the circumstance or setting. It's our belief that every human can offer some form of valuable wisdom to others. That said, the topics for discussion are centered on a handful of major themes (read below), so when we curate each event, we do our best to fill each event with a well rounded collective of minds with unique and diverse backgrounds.

Where are these gatherings?

Each event is hosted by a restaurant or unique venue around the Los Angeles metropolitan area.  Most dinners are no more than 40 people.

What do you discuss?

In the spirit of tearing down knowledge silos, we take the approach that conversations amongst friends are the best places to develop multidisciplinary approach to learning. At each event, we feature at least one speaker who has a unique perspective or expertise on a topic that spans a broad category, such as consciousness, the workings of the brain, spirituality, entrepreneurship, the future of space travel, quantum physics, storytelling, art, and more.

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